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Weekend With The Grandkids – Day 1

Saturday – Day 1

The Grandkids are staying over for the weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday nights, so we will need to entertain them. Here is what we got up to with them. I think they enjoyed themselves.

Saturday at Time Zone in Fremantle

On Saturday afternoon, we went into Fremantle, and firstly we hit the markets. We got a bottle of each, fresh lemon and orange juice. We then had a bit of a look around before heading to Time Zone. It’s been a very long time since I have been in a Time Zone

Lakyn & Indee enjoying Time Zone

Every game is now Tap @ Go. We charged up a card with $45 for them to share, and we then let them loose to play whatever they wanted. Lakyn got hooked on the crane that picks up stuffed toys, and of course, he didn’t get anything. I have never seen anyone win anything on those cranes.

Indee, on the other hand, wanted to play all the games you won tickets to play. That was the more logical thing to do because, at the end of their time, when the money ran out, they cash in the tickets for a prize. That prize being anything from a stuffed to down to a chocolate bar or lollies. It’s a very expensive lollie, but they had fun playing.

Heading to the park in Fremantle

Once, the Tap @ Go card ran out of money, which didn’t take very long. We headed to the central grassed area in Fremantle, just near the Ferris Wheel. There is an excellent park area, a skate park. Both were very busy, but the kids had a great time climbing and sliding. On the way out, we stopped to watch the cool kids skating. Some of them are very talented, and I could see Lakyn wanted to have a go.

Lakyn having fun @ the park

It was time to head home as we had been out nearly all day. It was time to start thinking about dinner. We decided to walk over to the Crown for dinner. We agreed on Market & Co restaurant within the Crown complex. After a couple of drinks and some fine food, it was time to get the kids home for bed.

Crown Resort out in pink

Not sure what was going on at the Crown Resort, but they have set up the lobby in a pink theme. It looks great. The kids loved it. There is also a pop-up restaurant that looks like an old-style train.

It’s great to see the hotels, restaurants etc., in Perth starting to get busy again. The Crown was absolutely chocka block last night.

Sunday is another exciting day with the kids.


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