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This post is not my usual travel/holiday post, but it is still an adventure.

Are you like me and hate those big messaging companies stealing my personal data and using it, or worst, selling it to make a profit.

I’m a conspiracy theorist and believe that these big companies like Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, and the likes steal our personal data to profit and control what we look at and how we think.

I have set up a messenger/chat server that is private and secure. If you are interested, click here on Social Chat. You can chat privately with your friends, and no one else can see or read the message. You can set up a chat forum so everyone on that forum can read your messages. These groups are an excellent way for families to stay in touch with each other or for people with common interests to have open chats about whatever. These groups can be private or public. It’s totally up to you when you set the group up.

There is an app available for iPhone, Android, Windows and Linux. The app is called Zulip, and it is straightforward to set it up. Set up instructions with screenshots are below.

Available systems we can message on

Andrew Hansen - PC IconAndrew Hansen - Apple LogoAndrew Hansen - Android LogoAndrew Hansen - Apple LogoAndrew Hansen - Linux IconAndrew Hansen - Windows Logo

Instruction on setting up the app.

Andrew Hansen - Main App ScreenOnce you have downloaded the Mobile app, this will be the first screen you will have come up on your phone.
You will need to enter the messenger server. That is (the https:// will get added automatically.
Once you have entered the server address, press the “Enter” button, and you will go to the next screen. You will need to enter your email address and password you used to sign-upAndrew Hansen - Entered Email Screen
Andrew Hansen - Entered Email ScreenOnce you have enter your email address and password you used to sign-up, press the “Log-In” button.
Once you are all logged in you can have a brows around. The icons on the bottom will take you to different areas of the app.
This is the main screen, it won’t have anything on it to start with. All your new messages will show up on this screen.Andrew Hansen - Mail Message Screen

What the icons are for

The icons on the top and bottom of this screen will take you to different areas of the app.
The Globe at the top will show all your messages.
The star at the top will show all favourite messages.
The @ symbol will show any messages you have been mentioned in.
The magnify glass is the typical search.
The tray icon on the bottom is the new messages window.
The # icon will show all the public and private groups you are part of.
The people icon will show all your friends, you can send private messages from here.
The cog is the settings menu.
The image is where you can add a photo of yourself and change your personal settings.

I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to sign up and enjoy private secure messaging without having to worry about being spammed by advertising.


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